Friday, 1 April 2016

This is me!

Hello and welcome to my Blog!

After months years of mis-managing my life, today is a new start. A new start to a new life - a happy life and a simple life. Come and join me on my journey and share my triumphs and falls - as I'm sure there will be many of each of them.

So who am I? I'm a nearly 40 year young woman in a mid-life crisis (that's at least how it feels like to me) leaving my career and my previous lifestyle behind to start all over to become a healthier, happier and simpler me. Mr S, my husband, will tag along on the journey, also he doesn't know that yet. As most of you will agree, sometimes you need to force the good things onto men.

How are we going to start? Well, our journey will be an actual journey for a while as we had decided a while ago to travel around Australia in our caravan. We commenced a few months back and after some big blows in my life, such as loosing ALL of my beloved pets as well as my job, I'm ready to leave the old me behind and travel being simply myself. Who exactly that is, you and I will find out.

Today I'm heading to Newcastle. I had my last day of my FiFo (Fly in Fly out) work on Thursday and after 4 weeks of working straight am looking forward to see my husband again. We're going to stay for a while at Mr S. parent's place to discuss our future and develop a plan on how we're going to progress.

So come along to our journey - both on the road and in our heart and soul.



  1. Looking forward to the journey. I hope all is going well so far.

  2. First thing, I wish you both all the best for your future!!! I´m curious about your adventure!!! Love is the answer!!!

  3. Thank you Nanna Chel & Mum!