Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Establishing my Top 5 Priorities

As you know, I'm currently going through a lot of changes. I feel very overwhelmed and most of the time I'm not sure if I should be happy or cry. It's not an easy time. I just returned from work and am struggling with loosing all of my beloved pets, my job and life as I knew and loved it. So I need to start over again and find my way to happiness. But to establish who I want to become, I need to figure out who and what is important to me. Therefore I decided to establish my top 5 priorities and ensure that I spend time with/on them.

1. My family and friends 

My marriage is the first thing I have to work on. Mr S and I have been married since November 2015 but we have been together since 2000. Due to my FiFo job and our age gap which sets us in different stages and probably different values, we recently encountered a fair few problems. We need to talk abut this openly and get back to the couple who we once were. We've started to share our best and worst experience of the day each night before we g to sleep. This shows each other what the other person valued and disliked which sometimes is quite surprising.

Also my family lives overseas, I regulary communicate with them via social media, email and telephone. But I need to make sure I spend quality time with them - especially with my Grandparents wh don't have (or want) a computer. I need to communicate with them openly and let them participate on our life. I'm planning to send my Grandparents a letter a month together with some pictures, so they know what we're p to.

I don't have many friends. Actually I think I should become a little bit more social. Maybe this trip will help me to do this. My house used to be filled with people and now I don't even know anyone I could invite for a cuppa. But I want to be selective. I don't want or need people in my life who will make me feel bad or whose friendship is 'work'. They don't have to share my values but they have to accpet mine and I will accept theirs. I'm hoping to have a nice BBQ with some peple at a caravan park soon.
2. My animals

Unfortunately I lost all of my animals. But as they have been such an important part of my life, I know that one day I will get another dog and chooks and I want to make sure I spend time with them - no matter what!
3. Alone Time

It might sound strange but I miss being alone. Yes, I'm alone at work but I cannot do what I like doing, so that's not the same. I like being by myself and just do what I feel like doing, listen to music I like listening to and just think about things. I discussed this with Mr S and I told him that I want an entire day to myself each week. That might mean he goes somewhere for the day while I stay at the caravan or vice a versa. 
4. Nature

Nature has always made me happy! A stroll through the forest, a sunray on the lake or mist evaporating over a field - so calming and so beautiful! I will spend more time in nature, going for walks, sitting outstide and read/knit and just be. This should get me grounded because no matter how I will feel, the sun will always set and rise again - the circle will always continue and I want to be part of it.
5. Health & Hobbies

This one was actually a hard one to think about. But I guess without my health the rest of my life wouldn't be much, so really that should be a priority. I have been overweight for a fair few years now and I'm sick of it! I blamed work, lack of time and our constant eating out for me not loosing weight, so  now I'm starting again and this time I will succeed! I eat healthier and less and I excercise 6 days a week. I will report on progress. But I'm hoping to wear my wedding dress again in a year's time and to actaully have to get it taken in. So here's to healthy living - part of my journey to the new happy me.
I combined health and hobbies as healthy eating includes cooking, baking, growing food and exercising. All these things are my hobbies and I want to make sure I spend a decent amount of time on my hobbies which I haven't done so far. By including my health & hobbies in my top 5, I ensure I don't 'forget' the thing I like doing the most.
I'm curious to see what priorities other people have. If you like, post a comment with your Top 5. I look forward to hear from you!



  1. Hmmm, I would have to think about that a bit. I am glad you are sorting things out about the future now that your lifestyle is changing so dramatically. It is nice to have some time to yourself so good on you for factoring that into your plan for each week. I am sure you will make some good friends too.

    1. Thank you Nanna Chel! After going through all of my emotions, I try to see it as a new start rather than an ending. This way it's an opportunity rather than an obstacle

  2. My dear, I think you had a really hard time and many things are changed! So take your time, to take a solution about your work, what makes you happy! Take time for yourself (you need it)! You are on your way, thats counts!

  3. My top 5 are: my health, save money, lose weight, spend more time with people who are important to me, and more to be out in nature. I´m on my way!

    1. They're great priorities! I wish you all the best!