Saturday, 9 April 2016

Do what you love

A couple of days ago, I wrote about my Top 5 priorities. Today, I spent an entire day doing what I love to do - and it felt fantastic!

Mr S and I took his parents to the Hunter Valley to see the son/brother(-in-law). We started with a visit to a little Handmade Market which sold a few of the items I'm planning to make. Good to check out the competition, hey ;-)
Look how lovely Mum & Dad walking hand-in-hand over the market.
Over at the Brother & Sister-in-Law place, we meet Kevin Bacon - he is such a friendly pig who lives with the chooks.
Kevin raced to the fence to get a pat and made a fair bit of noise when we stopped patting him. 
The chooks were looking for some food - typical.
Meldoy enjoyed some cuddles and I enjoyed the soft kisses. Is there anything better than feeling the affection of an animal?!
This is the chook/pig pen.
The horses live right next to the pig/chooks - what a beautiful setup!
Mr S's brother quit work as a Tradie to start this B&B in the Hunter Valley. They're slowly setting up their estate and have lots of ideas to grow and improve their business. So far they have been very successful and it's great to see how opportunistic they are. I'm looking forward to spend a few days over there and get some ideas what to do with my future.

But for now, we enjoyed some drinks at the estate, followed by a beautiful lunch at a local brewery and a drive back to the parents place.

Today, I did what I love: just being with people I love, taking pleasure in lots of animal cuddles and indulging in some good food & wine. All that while the sun was shining and it was neither hot nor cold. All in all it was a perfect day! How did you spent your Saturday?

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  1. A beautiful day and nice pictures! And you look so happy, that warmed my heart! Keep it up :)