Friday, 27 May 2016

Pamper me!

Last week we visited Daylesford - a place I wanted to visit for nearly a decade - it finally became reality! Daylesford is 90 mins drive northwest of Melbourne and popular for its natural occuring mineral springs and therefore it's named the Spa capital of Australia. 
When we arrived, it reminded me very much of Germany - it was cold with daily maximum temps of 10 deg C, the autumn leaves were on the ground and hardly on the trees anymore, the sky was greywith occasional showers and everybody wore black! It was the right weather to have some 'Gemuetlichkeit' (=cosiness) and so I booked myself into a Spa for a whole day - heaven!
I arrived at 10 am and started with a 60 minute full body relaxation massage which was beautiful but unfortunately 60 mins isn't enough to loosen up my tied (and tired) muscles around my shoulders. Sleeping in a caravan has left its marks...
Afterwards I jumped for half an hour into the hydrotherapy massage bath which is like a huge bathtub with water nozzles which massage different parts of your body - I loved it! It was so relaxing and felt so warm and nice - awwww! I then had an hour to explore the retreat area. I started with the steam sauna as I was still wet from the bath - the steam was just amazing - especially on a grey looking day with 8 deg C. After the sauna, I quickly jumped in the plunge pool which had only 17 deg C - brrrrr! I tell you, I went in and out. I then relaxed in the Mineral Water which was 37 deg C - now we're talking! The front of the retreat area was open, so I was partially 'outside' but as I was up to my chin in nice warm water, it wasn't cold at all. I looked straight at a beautiful veggie garden which was really nice. When I started to nod of, I visited the sauna with the burning coals. They had like a big brick BBQ there and on one side where the flames with the bucket of coals and every now and then the coals were moved over by an old fashioned wheel and dunk in the cold water. Hmm, I didn't want to leave... But I followed the program, plunged in the cold pool, then relaxed in the spa mineral water, went to the infrared sauna which wasn't hot enough for me. It felt like being outside at home on a nice spring day, so back to the mineral pool...

After an hour, I showered and went for lunch. Lunch wasn't great but it was included in the package and I enjoyed being dry for a little while. After lunch I enjoyed a cuppa in the lounge before going back to the retreat (they only serve herbal tea, so I really needed to coffee after lunch). Then I had the best experience yet: an hour of a mineral cocoon on a soft pack bed! First your entire body gets dry brushed and then covered in a mineral mud. You lay on something which resembles a giant floaty and once you're covered in mud, you're completly wrapped up like a mummy and then you slowly sink int the water but the stuff you're on keeps you afloat, so you don't actually get wet but you feel the warmth of the water similar to a very soft waterbed. It was superb! I fell asleep very quickly. Then I had to try and remove all the mud of me which wasn't that much fun but still worth it!

Last but not least, I received a 60 minute facial including scalp massage. When I left the Spa at 6.30 pm, I was radiant, relaxed and very, very happy!
Mr S picked me up and we had Pizza and red wine for dinner - it was a fantastic day and I'm so happy I've done something for (and by) myself and feel great! Sometimes we all need a bit (or in my case a lot) of pampering. :-)

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  1. WOW, I think that was exactly what you need!!! It´s the right thing to do something for yourself!!! :)